5 Steps to Successfully Establishing an HOA Board

5 Steps to Successfully Establishing an HOA Board

Thinking of creating an HOA community in your Woodbridge neighborhood? If so, a word of advice: an HOA is only as good as the people running it.

We are, of course, talking about the HOA board of directors. These people are democratically elected by the community to make decisions for them. HOA boards can consist of three to nine members, including the president.

Want to build a board of directors that will manage your community fairly? This five-step guide will let you know how to go about it!

1. Add Enough Board Members

The size of your HOA board should correlate to the size of your community. A small HOA with few amenities may only need three board members. A larger HOA with many facilities and contractors will likely need more.

Keep in mind that an extensive board isn't always a good thing. Oftentimes, this is a key factor in scheduling issues and slower decision-making. Try focusing on encouraging participation from existing HOA board members.

2. Follow Membership Guidelines

All HOA communities have different rules for who can be a board member. That said, there are a few guidelines that most HOAs follow when adding new members. For instance, all board members should:

  • Currently live in the community
  • Not have past legal disputes with their HOA
  • Not have past felony convictions
  • Not have violated their HOA's governing documents

Do you need help with screening your applicants? If so, consider outsourcing this task to an experienced HOA management company.

3. Look for the Right Traits

Beyond meeting the above requirements, board members should have the respect of the community. That said, electing them can't boil down to a popularity contest. Good HOA board members need to be:

  • Reliable
  • Honest
  • Motivated
  • Familiar with the community
  • Good communicators

4. Choose the Right President

The HOA president has the final say on all big decisions. They preside over all HOA meetings and ensure they go according to plan. This includes everything from outlining an agenda to keeping the conversation going.

Due to their duties and influence, it's essential to choose the right president. They should be both a good public speaker and a careful listener. They also need to be aware of all Virginia HOA rules and guidelines.

5. Consider Other Roles

Beyond the president, every community association has other key roles to fill. For example, the Secretary takes care of all administrative tasks. They pass on relevant paperwork to keep all HOA homes informed of key decisions.

Then there's the Treasurer, who's responsible for financial duties. They draw up the budget, take care of HOA fees, and decide how to spend the funds. As such, they need a good understanding of accounting and budgeting.

Get Help With Your HOA Board!

With the right people in the right place, running an HOA community becomes much easier. The above guide contains all the basics you need to know.

Need more help with managing your HOA board? If you're located in Woodbridge, our experts at PMI Prince William can assist you with all HOA-related tasks! Contact us here to learn more about our services!