How to Hire the Right Association Management Company in Woodbridge, VA

How to Hire the Right Association Management Company in Woodbridge, VA

In the US, 370,000 homeowners associations represent 40 million homes. These HOA organizations run much like a business. They have responsibilities to maintain and finances to manage. They also answer to the members of the community.

The demands of being on an HOA board can be cumbersome and sometimes uncomfortable. Many HOA boards decide to hire an association management company to manage the day-to-day responsibilities of the HOA.

If you're a member of an HOA board and wondering what to consider when hiring a community association management company, read on to learn more.

Consider Experience

There are a wealth of association management companies around. You want to hire one that brings various experiences to the table. The manager should be well-versed in the management of a variety of communities.

They should also understand and bring a host of experiences relating to community association management. They should be able to handle things like:

  • General administration
  • Maintenance
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Strategic planning
  • HOA communications

If required in Virginia, the property manager should also have the proper certifications and licenses.

Communication from Property Manager

An essential part of effective community management is communication. So when you consider a community association management company, you want to consider what tools they use for communication and their philosophy on community communication.

The HOA manager will be responsible for communication with several people within and involved in the community. They should provide prompt and open communication with:

  • The HOA board
  • Community members
  • Vendors and contractors hired for HOA work
  • Employees

It's essential the HOA management company can explain policies and HOA regulations concisely to all members.

Homeowner Association Management Company Attention to Detail

Whatever HOA property manager you hire, you want them to have impeccable attention to detail. They will be charged with the operations of your community.

They need to know and manage all the details, from finances to communications.

A critical task of any homeowners association is to keep the community pristine. You want to know that you're hiring a management company with the same goals for your community's appearance.

Customer Service

Community members pay dues, and the board is responsible for the upkeep of the community. When you hire HOA management, they are responsible for all aspects of the community's care, maintenance, regulations, and finances.

Part of those HOA services should include excellent customer service. When a community member or board member has an issue, the management company should be available and willing to address it promptly.

Available Staff to Manage the Property

Often homeowners associations have either employees or contracts with vendors to maintain the community. You want to hire a community manager with relationships with the contractors you need to keep your community.

Finding the Best Association Management Company

Once you find an association management company for your community, you'll appreciate all the tasks they can handle on behalf of your HOA board. The community will function smoothly and continue to look its best.

If you're a member of an HOA board, we should talk about your community needs. Contact us today to set up a time to discuss your HOA and how we can help.