HOA Holiday Decorating: Guidelines for a Great Community Experience

HOA Holiday Decorating: Guidelines for a Great Community Experience

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and you know what that means: it's decorating time. We love seeing bright lights and sweet decor items out and about, but if you're in an HOA, you have a community image to uphold. That means you may want to implement some HOA holiday decorating guidelines.

But what guidelines are fair and reasonable? Let's talk about it. Read on to learn more.

Keep Lighting Semi-Subtle

Bright lights and vibrant displays make the holidays feel festive and fun, but they can also irritate neighbors. When you're establishing HOA guidelines for holiday decorations, it's wise to include something about light limitations.

The lights shouldn't be shining through neighbors' windows late at night and keeping them awake. If a community member insists on having those types of decorations, they should make sure they're off by a pre-approved "bedtime."

Avoid Loud Displays

On that note, you should place noise restrictions on HOA residents' holiday decorations. Yes, many current holiday decorating trends include loud and festive displays, but those displays may disturb other people within the HOA.

It's a good idea to ask your residents to focus on quiet displays. If they insist on displays with noise, encourage them to opt for ones that synchronize with the radio so they don't upset neighbors. This way, everyone is happy.

Prioritize Safety

Safety is key, and many people don't consider safety when it comes to holiday decorations. Over 18,000 people per year are injured by holiday decorations!

You want to avoid any potential safety hazards, such as oversized decorations that take up space on the sidewalk or any random wires. Remember that you don't want to block any common areas. That could present a serious safety hazard for children, elders, or anyone who uses mobility aids.

Be Considerate of All Cultures

When you're decorating common areas with the help of HOA dues, make sure that you're being respectful and representative of all cultures. Your HOA is not a monolith, so it's a good idea to poll everyone to see what types of decorations they'd like to see.

You could also keep common area decorations neutral. Opt for simple white and yellow lights with evergreen trees to give a festive atmosphere without too much of a specific holiday feeling.

Set Time Limits

This is the most helpful guideline to set when it comes to setting up HOA holiday displays. Set time limits for how long displays can be up.

For example, perhaps you allow HOA residents to start putting decorations up on Thanksgiving. They then have to start taking decorations down by the end of January.

Make sure the time limits are fair and that residents have plenty of time, as many of them may be traveling post-Christmas, so they may not be able to get to their decorations right away.

Keep HOA Holiday Decorating Fun This Year

HOA holiday decorating can still be fun and festive despite having a few basic guidelines and restrictions. By implementing clear rules, you can make sure that everyone has a lovely and festive holiday.

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